Awakening in America® An Adventure in Awareness

Robert Taub was shown in a dream that he would receive a body of information to be entitled Awakening in America. Thoughts, feelings, images and words began to arrive in his mind. For nearly a year he sat at his computer capturing what coalesced into a unique parable that starts where other spiritual guidance books leave off.

Not only does the narrative provide an inspiring and entertaining journey of spiritual awakening in everyday America — it also reveals the action plan many of Robert’s clients have used to achieve it.

Awakening in America® An Adventure in Awareness is especially relevant today. Robert presented this work in dozens of venues and spiritual communities including five consecutive years at the Midsummer Light Conference in Sedona AZ.

Awakening in America® An Adventure in Awareness has been praised by the many clients Robert has guided through their own awakenings. Every reading reveals even deeper guidance that supports your own awakening process and helps you – by your own example – to help others do the same.

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Hollywood Spiritual Film and Entertainment Festival Book Award Winner

A Must Read for the Spiritual Seeker!

“I received this book, Awakening in America®, the day I met Robert Taub at a local expo and tried a mini-healing session with him. The session blew me away, providing me with immediate relief from some pain and giving me a curiosity to learn more. And so my journey began. The following day, feeling somehow lighter and more at peace, I began to read his book. I couldn’t put it down and finished within two days!

Robert brilliantly captures your attention with the story about a family’s spiritual journey. It is down-to-earth and very easy to follow, yet powerful and informative. I felt as though I was learning along with the main character, Margaret. As a student of spirituality, healing and growth, I am now reading if for a second time. To my amazement, I’m learning even more! Questions arising for me seem to be answered, as if Robert intuited what would come up and answered them in a way I could grasp. Almost as if I was being answered personally!

This book is a true work of art: entertaining, informative and an essential tool for the spiritual seeker.”

“You will find that I mention Robert on numerous occasions in my upcoming book, Unwrapping Me.  I wanted to share this with you to give you a peak into his life and ground-breaking work of helping to transform this world one person at a time.  Lucky enough to have worked with him in person as well as over the phone many times, I have to say that he is definitely the real deal! If you are an avid student of personal healing and transformation and you are looking to move to the next level, Robert is your guy.”

– A.P. Morris – author

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Robert is also a contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence.