Sessions with Robert Taub address the whole body – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Sessions assist to restore balance to the whole body at all levels — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. One primary benefit of sessions is Robert’s ability to help identify hidden causes of imbalance that have been resistant to treatment and that may be emotional or spiritual in nature. He can then provide guidance on how to proceed and facilitate a person’s own healing process.

Many clients have reported healings ranging from clarity about life issues to spontaneous remissions of health challenges during, or following, sessions, and events.

  • Robert begins each session with an energy field reading that reveals the client’s most pronounced areas of imbalance. He shares what he sees initially along with additional information he receives for the client during the session.
  • He provides a conduit for soul and Source direct communication and a broad spectrum of higher vibration and healing energies.
  • For those ready to discover and transform their “hidden agenda” of negative attitudes, beliefs, unresolved traumas, attachments, diet, and life style choices, Robert provides compassionate intuitive counseling.
  • Robert can also assist to address issues that may be spiritual in nature with more advanced forms of spiritual healing.
  • He may also see potentials during sessions for an after death encounter with a departed acquaintance or family member as an opportunity to complete unresolved issues with the departed soul.

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Sessions are typically one to two hours, depending on the nature of the request for assistance, and conducted by phone or Skype. Since distance is no barrier to the energy of the sessions, they are as effective as if Robert were in the same room with you. And, by being able to relax in the comfort of your own safe space, you can more easily let go and immerse yourself into the work of healing during and after the call, without the need to travel afterwards.


Robert can assist you with advice, guidance and sessions as needed or with regular sessions as part of a transformational program. He can help you on your journey — gently, appropriately, naturally and safely.

Clients report that they have been able to:

  • Awaken and progress spiritually
  • Discover more about the nature of reality and existence
  • Achieve a greater sense of self-awareness
  • Discover their life’s purpose
  • Evolve into balanced authentic lifestyles
  • Awaken intuitive abilities
  • Attain higher consciousness
  • Free creative flow
  • Experience relief from spiritual emergence symptoms
  • Receive support and counseling for awakening challenges



After sessions, your body will need some time to integrate the energy shifts. You may feel tired, over-energized or slightly out of sorts for a day or two until your body’s energy settles into its new balance point. The best way to assist your body after a session is to honor what it asks for; whether that is rest, gentle movement, quiet time or specific foods.

Sea-salt baths are also excellent for detoxifying the body, and taking them for several days after your session will assist with the removal of residual exiting energies. In the days following your session, you may notice temporary emotional or physical sensations as your whole body’s energy continues to shift. This is normal and is usually an indicator that your body is coming into higher alignment.