Creating Prosperity in America

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What, in fact, is prosperity, and why has money been so hard for some people to attract, and manage? What will money, and prosperity, mean in 2021?

In America, and many other parts of the world, money is a representation of the energy of exchange for providing a product, or a service. Going forward, what product, or service, will be your highest calling to provide? What would you like to do, and what are you willing to do? And who will pay you now to do it?

Especially during this time of COVID-19, and now its variants, and economic, and political, restructuring, basic business principles for personal, and professional, financial success still apply. Generate, retain, and reinvest earnings, manage costs, and resist the temptation to embark on risky projects likely to fail.

Prosperity in America

There are many products, services, scriptural interpretations, philosophies, communities, certifications, and “shortcuts” available now to the spiritual seeker. Much time, money, effort, and energy can be expended in the discovery of which of these offerings are helpful, which provide little discernible value, and which even hamper spiritual progress. Discernment, and choosing wisely from these many offerings, is especially important now.

Additionally, some are being “sold” the philosophy that they can do what they love, and not have to worry about money. Some people have attempted to create businesses, therefore, based on adaptations of spiritual principles, such as the Law of Attraction, but have failed, due to ungrounded approaches that lacked necessary business planning, and execution. Others attempted to enter competitive career fields from the same perspective.

Awakening spiritually, and creating prosperity, in America, brings particular cultural challenges due to expectations of instant gratification, entitlement, and entrepreneurial encouragement. Due to enculturation, many Americans think about prosperity in terms of the “American Dream.” Take a moment and reflect honestly on this. Are you using spiritual principles to try to create a house, car, career, and/or romantic soulmate, without the necessary spiritual foundation? And, do you believe, that when you arrive at the right combination of these things, that you will finally be happy?

While the basics are necessary, doesn’t each of these key aspects of life on Earth at this time also come with a downside? A house requires maintenance, cleaning, and usually a loan, as does a car. Careers have their ups and downs, including layoffs, economic uncertainty, and office politics. Romantic relationships, that are idealized, often create arenas for conditional love, and karmic lessons, and the divorce rate in America is around 50%.

The larger the possession, or ego-based attachment, the greater the maintenance, and consumption of our most valuable asset – our time here on Earth. Many quickly tire of their “possessions,” want more, and find themselves on an endless economic treadmill.

Humanity is awakening from centuries of survival consciousness. Fear, greed, competitiveness, and aggrandizement, still play large roles in financial decisions, and career choices.

Prosperity is a Mindset

Prosperity, therefore, is a mindset. Anyone can be prosperous the moment they create a balanced lifestyle in which they spend responsibly and utilize their time wisely. This can be accomplished by coming into alignment with soul purpose while accepting that the human experience is one of ups and downs – lessons to learn, puzzles to solve, and journeys, and experiences – once started – to complete.

It’s easy to get a job in America; much easier than in many other parts of the world, and most of these jobs provide the income necessary to live, invest for retirement, leisure time, and, once defined as the goal, to progress spiritually. Many in America have become financially wealthy.

Some, though, say that they “hate their jobs,” and are working at something that is “not their passion,” doesn’t provide “enough money,” and sufficient “job satisfaction” or “ego gratification.” Some resent “authority.” Because of ego expectations, and other factors, – including karmic complexities – some choose not to work, or move from job, to job, or expect others to support them. Some are not able to work; either temporarily, or permanently. Some travel the financially devastating paths of addictions – including compulsive spending – and dysfunctional partnering. Some “artists” spend much of their time creating while receiving little financially in return. Any of which, unresolved, significantly affects financial well-being.

About half of Americans have little savings, and choose to take their social security income benefit at age 62, when it is significantly reduced, and this becomes their primary source of income for the rest of their lives.

While some are stressful, and/or low paying, along with compensation, jobs provide situations, and opportunities, to interact with others, and complete spiritual lessons. Once this is understood, jobs become more fulfilling, as they provide opportunities to progress spiritually, and thereby become more prosperous.

A Lesson from a Mainstream Feature Film

So much prosperity “self help” has been sold, and misapplied, that it is parodied in the feature film Just Wright. Queen Latifah asks her god-sister, who lives with her, when she will get a job. The camera pulls back to show the sister at a table with a pile of books, including Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. The sister points to a collage of pictures on the wall behind her depicting what she wants to manifest in her life, and says, “I do have a job. I’m going to be an NBA player’s wife.”

Queen Latifah replies, “I’m sure that’s why Eckhart Tolle wrote that book.”

Personal Experiences

I have found my path, and arrived within my highest calling, and created my dream business as an author, spiritual teacher, and healer. My days, though, and those of others I know who do similar work, include many of the routine, and mundane, business-related tasks of publishing, marketing, sales, promotion, record keeping, and customer service. Even in this new awakening energy I am still “working” for what I receive.

Several years ago, I sensed that I should create a car-less lifestyle. I began to bicycle and use public transportation more, even in the winter in Chicago. I sold my car in 2012, and I was sad to see it go. I bought it new in 1987, took good care of it all that time, and it was only a few years away from becoming a classic. I found a renter for my garage space, and then I discovered how much fun it is to have a well-maintained, late-model rental fleet available whenever I need to go longer distances. The rental company lets me pick the car I want to drive that day and I’ve been able to experience some great cars this way. Even as a frequent renter I’m way ahead financially because, along with the rent from my garage space, I save on depreciation, maintenance, parking, registration and license plates, and insurance. This is one example of how having less can actually create greater prosperity.

When my sisters, and I, helped our parents move out of the house we grew up in, we discovered that many of the possessions we had all acquired over the years had deteriorated, and needed to be recycled. Think of how much extra energy we can liberate, and access for other pursuits, if we let go of material possessions that cost us time, mind space, and emotional attachment.

Whenever I complete a purge, and reorganization, of my living space my old home feels like a brand new place to live. I donate the items I am finished with, and organize the things I am not displaying, or using every day, but not ready to part with, into labeled containers. A quick glance at the labels and I can see everything I have and where it is. Having a clear, clean, functional space provides the springboard, and safe haven, for the next part of my journey.

As I approached retirement age, it became less, and less, important how I made, and saved, money; just that I did.

I can also see now that money itself is an imperfect measure of success; when compared to alignment with soul purpose and spiritual progress.

Client Experiences

A once wealthy Wall Street investment banker, who lost everything, came to see me after the 2008 financial crisis. I don’t think he was completely clear on why he came, but what began to emerge during sessions was that some of his childhood experiences, and their resulting perceived inadequacies, had been driving his relentless quest for material wealth. He came to see that it was now time to discover what had been driving him toward this unsatisfying, fleeting picture of success, and to transform it.

Another man asked me for assistance with financial issues. He was spending irresponsibly, renting a much larger house than he needed, embarking on ego gratifying, but financially unsuccessful, projects, and hosting frequent social events. I could see a distinct previous existence overlay in the imagery a renaissance era nobleman. I listened, and made some suggestions, but he went on to consult with other intuitives, and attend numerous workshops, including a “get rich quick” stock trading scheme, determined to find a solution that would enable him to continue his behavior. Although this lesson was obvious it took several bankruptcies, and having to ask to move in with friends, before he finally arrived at the humility necessary to complete this lesson. Such can be the power, and grip, of adverse aspects of the ego – and previous existences.

A man I know works as a night manager at a convenience store. This job provides him with everything he needs; money to live, an opportunity to be of service, and to set an example for others. Most importantly, he has the time to pursue spiritual progress, and to help create Heaven on Earth, right where he is. He also has the opportunity to embrace the gift of the lesson of humility.

Another client’s job doesn’t pay very well, which can cause him stress, but he also recognizes now that, through higher-consciousness living, he has arrived at a place where he can truly recognize, and appreciate, that he has much to be thankful for. He has a wife who is on a path of spiritual progress with him, a warm, and comfortable place to live, good friends, and a knowingness now beyond what he ever thought possible.


Owning what we have, as opposed to being owned by what we have, is the key way we can create prosperity, and greater flow of abundance, into our lives. It doesn’t mean more possessions, more money, or more status. It means becoming open to the beauty, and flow, that is already present, and which amplifies once the pathway to perceiving it is recognized. This is what naturally happens when arrival at a place of balanced, higher-consciousness living, is achieved.

It is said “you can’t take it with you,” and this is true of material possessions. What we will take with us, though, is the spiritual progress we’ve made in this lifetime.

It’s amazing to finally discover how little it truly takes to live well. Living a life in accordance with authentic prosperity, therefore, can be one of great joy, and satisfaction, with simple pleasures, and progress on a path of increasing spiritual awareness, which in turn provides even greater prosperity.

To be “in,” and experience the fascinations of, this world, but not to be, composed, “of” – and thereby ruled by – it.

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