Awakening in America® author Robert Taub

The Power and Potential of the Awakened Human

Robert Taub, Awakening in America® author, spiritual healer, and teacher, demonstrates his abilities during a group healing session. He reads energy fields, providing a conduit for soul, and Source, direct communication and healing energy, facilitates past-life recall, along with after death communications. Participants experience transformational healing and learn to use Robert’s book, Awakening in America® An Adventure in Awareness, and blog postings, to awaken and progress spiritually, now, in America.

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Ten Weeks to a More Awakened, Fully Functioning, You

  • One, two-hour initial phone session. During the first hour Robert will introduce you to his body of work, what it means to be, and how to become, an awakened, more fully functioning, human.
    During the second hour Robert will conduct an individualized transformational healing and guidance session to help you identify your most pronounced areas of imbalance and create a game plan for moving forward.
  • Nine, one-hour phone sessions, spaced one week apart.

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